Frequently Asked Questions

Rates and Policies:

What are your rates for lodging, meals, and activities?

What is your Deposit Policy?

  • The deposit amount is 50% of the lodging amount if lodging only,
    30% of the total contract amount if meal service, day use, meeting space, activities, or any combination with lodging.

  • Deposit is due within two weeks of the date the contract is issued.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

  • Cancellations must be made at least 2 weeks prior to event. Cancellations must be made in writing to Heartland Center, faxed to 816-891-3453, or emailed to Follow up phone call is appreciated.

  • Groups that cancel less than 2 weeks prior to event will still be charged for full contracted amount.

  • See “Refund Policy” below for cancellations made more than 2 weeks prior to event.

What is your Refund Policy?

This policy applies to cancelled contracts or any lodging (individual hotel room and/or retreat lodge), meeting space, meal service, or activity removed from a contract. Refunds are based on the following time schedule:
Less than 2 weeks prior to event -- No deposit refunded and full contracted amount due.
2 weeks to 90 days prior to event – No deposit refunded.
90 days to 180 days prior to event – 50% of deposit refunded.
More than 180 days prior – full deposit refunded.

Lodging/meeting spaces:

How many people can your facility sleep?

  • Heartland has 184 beds total

    • That’s 60 beds in our two hotel-style lodges. These are a mix of twin and full sized beds.

    • And 124 beds in our four retreat-style lodges. These are a mix of twin and bunk beds.

  • Click to View: Lodging

What about meeting spaces?

  • Our largest meeting space seats 175 in chairs, not including tables for guests to sit behind. Click here to see the Great Room and our other smaller meeting spaces which range in size and capacity.

Who is in charge of bedroom assignments?

  • Group leaders are responsible for individual guest room assignments and day-of registration.

Do you have floor plans and room rosters for your lodging facilities?

Are there set check-in and check-out times?

  • Hotel-Style Lodging: Check-in is 4pm. Check-out is 10am.

  • Meeting Spaces: Check-in and check-out times will be coordinated with the group leader and Heartland Staff.

  • Retreat-Style Lodging: Check-in and check-out times will be coordinated with the group leader and Heartland Staff.

  • Group leaders are responsible for all individual guest registrations, room assignments, and day-of registrations.

Are my contracted check-in and check-out times important?

  • They sure are! Your agreed upon check-in and check-out times tell our staff when to clean and prepare your facility, when to wait to greet you in the office, and when other guest groups can check in and out of the same facilities. Please reach out to Heartland Staff if you’d like to adjust the check-in or check-out times on your contract.

Are linens and towels provided?

  • Hotel-Style Lodging: Linens and towels are provided in our hotel-style lodging.

  • Retreat-Style Lodging: Linens and towels are not provided in out retreat-style lodging unless arranged with the group leader and Heartland Staff ahead of time for an additional fee.

Are tables and chairs provided in my meeting space?

  • Yes, please click here for a list of meeting spaces and the specific tables and chairs provided in each space. Special requests for additional tables and chairs may be granted with prior approval based on availability.

Do you have guidelines or rules for facility use?

  • Yes! Thanks for asking. See below for our general guidelines. These guidelines can also be found on the printable check-out instructions attached under the next question.

    • Please keep rooms tidy and take trash to dumpster when necessary.

    • Keep outside doors shut. If you would like to open your doors or bedroom windows, please make sure the heat and AC are turned off. Do not leave outside doors open in the evenings or overnight.

    • No tacks in walls. No duct tape or packing tape on walls. Blue tape, masking tape, and removable glue dots are OK.

    • Remove any room assignments or other signage and window paint before departure.

    • No glitter or confetti.

    • Keep all tables and chairs inside.

    • Be respectful of other guests on property and the nature around you.

    • Park cars in designated areas only; no off road driving.

What is required of my group prior to departure?

  • Hotel-Style Lodging: Guests are asked to strip the linens from their beds and gather their bath towels before they check out of their room. We also ask that trash is gathered, windows are closed, personal items are removed, and lights are turned off before departure.

  • Retreat-Style Lodging: Guests or group leaders are asked to gather trash and dispose of it in the on-site dumpster, close windows, remove personal items, gather lost and found, and turn off lights before departure.

  • Click to see printable check-out instructions by lodge/meeting space


Where is the closest airport?

  • Kansas City International Airport is located just 15 minutes from Heartland Center.

Do you provide a shuttle service?


Do I need to schedule activities ahead of time or can I decide when I arrive?

  • All paid activities must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance through your group leader. Click to view our activities page for pricing and requirements: Activities

  • Complementary Activities are always available and do not need to be scheduled ahead of time. They are self led and first come, first served. Click to view: Complimentary Activities

Do activity participants need to fill out any forms?

  • Yes, all participants in paid activities must fill out a current Release of Liability & Health form before participating.

  • Click to view: Release of Liability & Health Form

Are there age requirements for activities?

  • All participants in The Edge, The Summit, Clip, or Trail Rides must be 10 years old and completed 4th grade.

  • There are no age restrictions for swimming, archery, or any of the complimentary activities.

How do I communicate my group's needs for our high ropes or team building activity?

  • We'll ask the group leader to fill out an Adventure Activity Needs Assessment. This will help our facilitators get to know your group before they arrive so they can plan the best experience.

  • Click to view: Adventure Activities-Needs Assessment Sheet

What else is there to do in the area?


Who plans the menu?

  • Our talented Heartland Kitchen Staff will plan your menu.

  • Click to view: Sample Menu

Where are meals served?

  • Meals are served buffet-style in Grace Hall at set times.

  • Click to view: Meal Services

Will I be dining with other guest groups?

  • If you are staying at Heartland Center on a weekend, it is likely that you'll be eating with another guest group on site. Don't worry, we have plenty of seating and will add additional buffet lines if necessary.

Is there a minimum number of people required?

  • Yes, 12 people are required for Heartland to provide a meal.

What if someone in my group has a food allergy or dietary restriction?

  • Special dietary requests will be honored whenever possible (vegetarian, gluten-free, peanut allergy, etc.). Please make arrangements for special dietary needs at least 2 weeks in advance.

Can I prepare my own meals?

  • Hotel-Style Lodging: Guests staying in our hotel-style lodging are required to use Heartland Center’s meal services.

  • Retreat-Style Lodging: Guests staying in our retreat-style lodges have the option of preparing their own meals. Retreat lodge kitchens have all major appliances, but are not stocked with any pots, pans, plates, utensils, etc. *Guests preparing their own meals do not have access to Heartland's commercial kitchen or dining hall.

Can we bring our own snacks?

  • Sure! Groups staying in our hotel-style and retreat-style lodges are both welcomed to bring snacks to keep in their lodge or meeting space.


Do you have a map?

What else can I do on site if I have free time? 

  • Take a hike on any of our walking trails. Click to View: Trail Map

  • Play a round of 9 or 18 baskets on our Disc Golf course. Click to View: Disc Golf Map

  • Get a group together for a game of sand volleyball, pick-up basketball, or horseshoes.

  • Spend time reflecting or praying on our Prayer Trail, at our Labyrinth, or in our Bell Garden.

  • Plan an evening camp fire at one of our 11 fire rings. Firewood is provided. Group is responsible for making and tending to the fire. Don't forget to bring s'more supplies!

Other Policies

  • All Heartland Center facilities are smoke-free.

  • Firearms, fireworks, alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are all prohibited at Heartland Center.

  • Permission may be granted for groups to use alcohol for special occasions or services.

  • Pets, other than service dogs, are not allowed at Heartland Center.

  • Campfires are permitted in designated areas only. Groups must extinguish fires after use.

  • Medication must be secured and locked up while on Heartland Center grounds.

  • Participants in Heartland Center activities (Challenge course, archery, horses) must use Heartland Center equipment. No personal helmets, harnesses, or archery equipment may be used.

  • All participants in The Edge, The Summit, Clip, Trail Rides, Lead Rides, or Archery must submit a signed Release of Liability before participating.

  • All participants in The Edge, The Summit, Clip, or Trail Rides must be 10 years old and completed 4th grade.

  • Children and Youth under 18 years old must be supervised by adults at all times. Heartland Center requires that groups never allow adults to be in a one-on-one situation with minors other than their own family. (Youth to Adult Ratios. Under 7 years old: 1 Adult : 5 Youth... 7 years to 10 years : 1 Adult : 6 Youth... 11 years to 14 years : 1 Adult : 7 Youth... 15 years to 18 years: 1 Adult : 8 Youth... Adults must be over 21 years old.)

  • Heartland Center is required to collect a .25% transient guest tax on all overnight guests. This is not a sales tax subject to sales tax exemption. All guest groups are required to pay this tax.

  • Heartland Center does not accept liability for damaged or lost personal property.

  • Every guest group is required to carry liability insurance and provide written confirmation prior to the visit.