Please note that this is the first step toward booking, not a confirmation of booking. Our staff will contact you shortly with availability. Once you have decided on a date that will work for your group, we will send you a contract with all of the details. We will also require a deposit.

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Please provide several options if possible. Please note that when booking hotel-style lodging, meals are required and meeting space(s) are provided free of charge. Bedding and towels are also provided. Meals are not required with retreat-style lodging and meeting spaces may be booked for an additional charge if available. Bedding and towels are not provided.
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Please note that all paid activities must be requested and scheduled at least two weeks prior to your event. Free activities are self-led and available at all times on a first come, first served basis. Free activities include disc golf, horse shoes, basketball, sand volleyball, walking trails, labyrinth, and fire pits.