February 28, 2017 wellspring



Even as mountain lakes refill and plants move their energies to root feeding during winter, our camp also prepares for the spring resurrection and renewal during this season. 

Cold weather drives us inside where a multitude of activities takes place. There is repair and replacement of equipment and buildings, as needed. There is recruitment and training of personnel for the coming camp season. There is ongoing fundraising to replenish the coffers depleted during the busy times. Winter is a good opportunity for rebuilding energy and resources for future mission.

At the same time, there continue to be meetings and retreats, quilters and writers, who come to Heartland in the winter. There are activities and meals, hours of prayer and opportunities for meditation.  All are welcome in even the coldest and harshest of weather. It is still God's beautiful world!

With the new year, officers and the Board of Directors have kicked off their work with orientation of new members, committee assignments and revised goals and objectives. There is great energy and renewed vigor. And we want you to be part of what we do.  Bring us your ideas, time, resources and talents. There are many ways you can contribute as we strive to God's work in the months ahead. Above all, please keep this place and the people it serves in your prayers.



Has winter got you down?  Start planning now for your group of family, friends or coworkers to come to Heartland Center and enjoy an outdoor experience.We make these activities available as soon as weather permits. Contact us at least two weeks in advance to schedule an event at your convenience, for your enjoyment.  

Options include:
   "Clip" or "Summit" High Ropes Course--build self confidence and awareness;
   "The Edge" Team Building Course--promote working and thinking as a team;
    Horseback Riding--enjoy riding horses in an area of wooded rolling hills;
    Archery--learn the basics of bows and arrows.

Go to Heartland Retreats for more information on these activities, as well as age and participation requirements, duration of the activities and the costs.


  Please keep these groups in prayer as they visit Heartland Center: 

  • Heartland Presbytery Youth Council
  • Crafty Friends
  • Women in Christ
  • Heartland Community Church
  • Warrior's Ascent
  • I Will Love
  • The Church
  • Kansas City Tres Dias
  • New Hope Assembly of God
  • Rolling Hills Presbyterian Church
  • ThimbleBees
  • Grace United Methodist Church
  • Liberty Christian Fellowship