February 24, 2016 Wellspring


Did you know? Heartland Center is now participating in a "gifts in kind" program called Good360. Through this program, a non-profit entity, we are able to demonstrate fiscal responsibility as well as help conserve material resources.  Companies like Home Depot donate to us items that are slow moving, obsolete or seasonal; included are such things as building supplies, plumbing and home improvement products.  We put those things to use here at the Center whenever feasible and also, in turn, can pass them on to other non-profit organizations for their use. Through this program, we have obtained carpets, patio cushions, windows and commodes. New mattresses for the retreat facilities will soon be coming.

Those of you who are part of a non-profit organization are welcome to contact us here at HPC if you would like to tap in to this resource.                                                   

Luke Boydston--Hospitality Maintenance Associate

Luke in front of his tiny house.

Luke in front of his tiny house.

We here at Heartland Center are fortunate to have Luke Boydston on our staff. As Maintenance Associate, he is responsible for ensuring that buildings, facilities, equipment and grounds are maintained in good condition. In this way he helps to provide a hospitable and successful retreat experience for all of our guests.

His first connection with Heartland was when Luke came as summer staff and helped with the Day Camp.  He found it to be very rewarding and returned as staff for two more years.  When the maintenance position came open, he was invited to apply and has held the job since April of 2014.

Luke grew up on a farm near Dearborn, MO and went to high school at North Platte. After attending Missouri Western and then becoming certified as a Utility Lineman at Maple Woods, he subsequently graduated with a degree in Business Management from Park University.  As a youth, Luke helped on the family farm; he liked to fish and hunt and generally enjoyed being outdoors.  He also learned lots of skills that have been beneficial in his current work.  

As Maintenance Associate, Luke likes being out of doors, and enjoys the freedom to work independently much of the time. He believes in the mission of Heartland Center as we seek to provide a Christian-focused ministry for young people. The biggest challenge for him is keeping up with the many demands of a facility of our size and busyness.

Interestingly, a while ago Luke and some friends were watching "Tiny House Nation" when one of them dared him to build one of his own. He took the dare! He bought a trailer and, with the help of his grandfather and others, and after many, many hours of work, modified it into a house.  A wood stove keeps it nice and warm in the winter; cross ventilation helps keep it cool in summer.

Luke is appreciated for his caring spirit, his prompt attention to tasks that need to be done and his problem-solving skills.  We thank him and appreciate all that he contributes to this ministry.     

People are saying...  

Wonderful --thank you! We love it here.
The staff at Heartland Center were very personable and pleasant to work with. The kitchen staff were, at all times, helpful in serving the meal. Thanks to all who provided this spiritually-prepared center for our use.
I heard nothing but high praise from everyone at our retreat about their experience at the camp.

Heartland Center -- March Groups

We ask for your prayers of support that the following groups will have a meaningful experience at Heartland Center in March:

  • Young People Ministries  
  • Cristo Rey    
  • Johnson County Community College
  • Alpha Sigma Alpha of Rockhurst University          
  • Team Rubicon
  • Heart of the Redeemer Covenant Community              
  • Platte Prairie Piecers
  • The Church                      
  • LifeSpring Church                
  • ThimbleBees
  • Platte Woods United Methodist Church