April 29, 2015 Wellspring





Many of you have been to camp as kids or to a retreat as an adult in order to "get away from it all," but some of today's options for camping at Heartland Center may be news to you. Besides day and over-night camps for kids, there are the popular Grandparents/Kids Camp and Family Camp opportunities.  These camps put generations together in God's beautiful surroundings, a special time to live, play and pray together here at Heartland.

Then there is Horse Camp, a middle school-er opportunity to live around the horses. . . feeding, watering, grooming, saddling and, of course, riding these four-legged friends.  Kids also really love the Hydro Camp which is all about water: swimming, boating and safety in and around  our new pools and at Shawnee Mission Park Lake.

Have you heard about the Night-Owl Camp, which includes middle-of-the-night activities and sleeping late?  Wild challenges and activities await high school students who participate in the Amazing Race Camp, inspired by the popular TV show.

One of the latest of the summer camps is the Friendship Camp, a wonderful time for special needs adults to enjoy the excitement and activities of Heartland Center.  Many of our high school campers come back to be camp buddies with these attendees, a very rewarding experience for all. 

Many different camps are offered every summer--does one sound right for you!?

Getting Ready for Summer Camp!

Preparing HPC for summer campers is a joy and a privilege, but it involves lots of planning and a good amount of exertion! The most important task in preparation is finding quality staff. Summer staff consists of both paid workers and volunteers; having the right people is essential in ensuring an enjoyable, Christ-filled camp experience for attendees.   

Lots of work goes into preparation of the facilities and grounds.  Buildings are opened, checked for maintenance needs and spruced up. Utilities are inspected to ensure that they are in good order.  The pools must be examined, and cleaned. Trails are repaired and refurbished where needed. Gravel, mulch or wood chips are replenished in various spots on the grounds. There is mowing, weeding and trimming of bushes to be accomplished.

The kitchen is used year-round, but preparing for summer camp involves breaking out more dishware, silverware and supplies to meet the needs of the many day and overnight campers, along with those on retreats.

Staff Openings Still Available!

Are you a college student and looking for a great summer job? We are accepting applications for summer staff at this time. A job as a camp staffer is like no other. You live in a genuine community sharing the Good News of the gospel with thousands of kids. You help God to build relationships and impact lives for Jesus Christ. Go to www.HeartlandCamps.org to apply.

People are saying...  

You all do this well.  We appreciate all your hard work.
This retreat was excellent. It stretched my ability to know my God, to understand my relationship with God. A wonderful, joyful, peaceful journey.

Heartland Center -- May Groups

As groups gather at HPC we ask for your prayers and support that their experience might be a meaningful and rewarding one.

  • Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church          
  • Norwex            
  • Girl Scout Troop 650
  • Save A Warrior              
  • Parkville Presbyterian Church        
  • Alzheimer's Fundraiser
  • Cathy Johnson              
  • Trinity Lutheran School            
  • University Academy
  • Unity of KC North        
  • Cub Scout Pack 393        
  • Young Nak Presbyterian Church
  • Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral          
  • Solo Deo        
  • St. James United Methodist 
  • Notre Dame de Sion    
  • Farmhouse Fraternity