March 25, 2015 Wellspring

Volunteers Make a Difference!

Thanks to the work of many unpaid volunteers at Heartland Center, improvements and repairs to the Center can happen with minimum cost. This, in turn, is helping in our mission to bring Christian camp experiences to more children and youth. Volunteers helped with the Genesis Hall remodel by laying tile, sanding walls, refinishing woodwork, painting and updating the plumbing.  Regular volunteers can help with tasks that are routine and free up paid staff for their essential work. A group of retired pastors, self named "The Fossils," clears limbs and dead trees that block the trails. The deadwood is used as firewood for the many campfires and fire places on campus. Two weekly volunteers assist in office work including this newsletter, donor record keeping and archiving the camp history. Volunteers do much to maintain the trail system, building new trails, improving existing trails and building bridges where needed. 

How can you help?  One great option is to build volunteer activities into your camp retreat or conference. Some groups will take on a project as part of their visit to the grounds. This is a wonderful way to give back in appreciation for a great camp experience. If you know of young people needing Eagle Scout projects, HPC has available a list of potential projects. And there is always a need for volunteers with special skills such as carpentry, masonry, plumbing, tiling or electrical.

TLC Day, the annual spring clean-up day, helps to prepare for the camping season.  This year it is April 25 from 9AM - 1PM; you are invited to join us in prepping the equipment and grounds for the summer. Lunch is provided for all workers. If you can help, please email or call HPC to reserve a meal.

Volunteer Projects Wish List

  • Provide and plant hedge screen around dumpsters and air-conditioning units by Grace Hall
  • Design a Rain Garden to disseminate rainwater runoff south of Genesis Hall
  • Design and build a hillside slide next to steps from Genesis Hall to play space below
  • Build a small amphitheater southeast of play space
  • Install a landscaped mulch path from the House of Faith to Grace Hall
  • Build a 3 foot-wide footpath from the creek to The Summit (high ropes course) using timber-and-gravel steps
  • Build a trail from road below to the new aquatic center using timber-and-gravel steps
The Labyrinth was constructed by volunteers from Blue Ridge Presbyterian Church.

The Labyrinth was constructed by volunteers from Blue Ridge Presbyterian Church.

Saying Goodbye

It is with sadness that we say goodbye to Andrea Cronin, Assistant Program Director, as she departs from Heartland. Andrea has been an outstanding staff member here at the Center in a variety of capacities, and she will be sorely missed.

Andrea first heard about the camp on a college service trip from a fellow Truman State student. She worked as summer staff in 2007, where she met her future husband Russell. (Meeting a potential mate is an unheralded perk for summer staff at HPC!) Andrea graduated from college in 2010, and was married in the fall of 2011. The honeymoon consisted of a family trip with the new Australian in-laws to the Western states.

Andrea says that at HPC she fell in love with the God who created camp and the God whom the camp serves. "God changed my life through camp. My role there gave me confidence and affirmed my creativity." She and Russell have lived on the campus while she worked here. Pluses were the convenience and "the best back yard ever;" minuses were never getting a snow day and strangers knocking on the door in the middle of the night.

The greatest reward for Andrea in her work was the challenge of and success at bringing faith alive to those who came to camp.She liked program planning, selecting curricula and designing activities that would impact campers. She goes on to say, "It is, of course, God who is doing all of the work through us and this place."  

Russell has taken a job based in Grand Junction, CO and Andrea has joined him there. Fortunately for us, she will continue to work with HPC remotely as a consultant. Andrea is a passionate advocate for Presbyterian camps as a means to engage people of all ages in a more personal and powerful relationship with God. This comes out of her own experiences and observations.  We wish her well in her new endeavors and hope she will visit often!

Disc-Golf Tournament

Check out the 1st Annual Heartland MS Open Charity DG Tournament happening on April 4. For information go to


Are you a college student and looking for a great summer job? We are accepting applications for summer staff at this time. A job as a camp staffer is like no other. You live in a genuine community sharing the Good News of the gospel with thousands of kids. You help God to build relationships and impact lives for Jesus Christ. Go to to apply.

People are saying...  

Thank you for all of your graciousness and assistance in planning the logistics and billing process for our winter retreat. Even with our complicated situation for billing, we received nothing but friendliness and graciousness. We love using your facility.

Heartland Center -- May Groups

Please pray for those who will be engaged in a camping or retreat experience here at Heartland Center in April 2015:

  • Johnson County Community College--Staff Development             
  • 2nd Presbyterian Church                  
  • KC Church of Christ  
  • Church Development Corporation    
  • 151st St. Church of Christ  
  • Camp Bluebird
  • 1st Baptist Church of Lee's Summit          
  • Rolling Hills Presbyterian Church
  • Heartland Presbytery Youth Council        
  • Prairie Point Quilt Shop
  • Johnson County Community College--Uganda Nurses
  • Hope Fellowship Retreat    
  • Bachelorette Cliip Event      
  • Thimblebees
  • Heartland MS Disc-Golf Tournament