November 20, 2015 Wellspring

Giving Thanks!                    

"Let all things now living, a song of thanksgiving  to God our creator triumphantly raise!"

These words from the hymn express our feeling about Heartland Presbyterian Center--a place where there is so much to be thankful for. From the colorful beauty of God's foliage by day to the quiet starry skies of night, we lift up prayers of thanks for the creation to be found in this place.  It is awe inspiring to be here as the seasons change.

The joyful sounds of God's children of all ages and from many places are heard as they relish being here, being in the outdoors while traveling on their spiritual journeys. Our greatest joy is that this year more children and youth lived the HPC experience than at any other time in the camp's history. The Holy Spirit was and is at work through the thoughtful, caring adults and teenagers who serve as staff and counselors.  What a blessing it is to be in the presence of these wonderful Christians who give of their time and talents for others.

Thanks also goes to the many volunteers who clean up the grounds, fix up the facilities and create programs to effectively assist in God's work.  These include church groups, former campers, Board members and committees as well as interested persons who just want to contribute to our work in some way.  

A very special group that we are thankful for is our generous donors, who give financially out of love and who, through their contributions, help ensure that HPC can grow and flourish. Without these donors, the camp could not survive to engage in its continuing ministry and mission. 

We give thanks that we are engaged in providing a Christian camping experience. It is one of the most powerful for building one's relationship with God and with others. This is witnessed to by the many, many people who tell of their personal growth and inspiration while at camp. Parents, youth leaders and friends also often testify to the transformation they see in their youth who return from attending camp.

Christian camps around the country are closing each year. We want to continue to be a strong, viable camp and conference center for many decades to come.  We give thanks that there are so many people vested in ensuring that HPC thrives.

". . .till all things now living unite in thanksgiving to God in the highest, hosanna and praise!"

Christmas Wishlist

This holiday season, there are many opportunities for giving to HPC in order to enhance operations and improve the camping experience for our young people. Consider giving a gift on your own behalf or in honor of a friend or loved one for Christmas!  

For programs:

  • water walkers x 4, est. $500 each
  • cast iron skillets and/or dutch ovens x 4
  • couches/sofas in gently-used or new condition
  • basketballs, horseshoes, volleyballs, Frisbees
  • hay, round or square bales for feeding horses

For facilities:

  • mini-fridge
  • refrigerator
  • oven, electric
  • washing machines, top loading
  • book shelves, small and medium
  • hand mixer
  • luggage racks, fold out for hotel rooms
  • lamps, small and medium 

(Please provide only items which are in good or like new condition.)

For maintenance:

  • chain saws, gas powered x 3, est. $300 each
  • "pull behind" seeder, est. $300
  • fence posts and fencing supplies
  • jack, 2-ton capacity, est. $150 
  • lumber, full lengths, treated or untreated


  • minivan, in reliable condition
  • work trailer, "pull behind," road legal
  • pick-up truck, heavy duty
  • pick-up truck, standard          

Labor Needs

  • carpet-layer to install carpet in 3 rooms                                                                                              

Thank you for considering a gift to HPC!                         

People are saying...  

Our visit was wonderful--thank you!  We love it here.
Meals have been the best we've ever had. Keep your new chef --she's great!
Your staff is delightful to work with, very friendly, and efficient. All I had to do was mention an issue and it was taken care of. Thanks for another great retreat!
We had a great time. The updates to the facilities are nice. Thank you to the kitchen staff for being so accomodating to our needs. Wonderful place--we'll be back.

Heartland Center -- November Groups

 The following groups will be visiting HPC in December. Please keep them in your prayers.

  • Holy Trinity Church          
  • Pearl Holiday Party              
  • McQuerry Family
  • Korean Ministers Association of Kansas City            
  • Clear Water Press
  • Tremaine Holiday Stay                              
  • Heartland Camp Reunion
  • Cornerstone Church