October 28, 2015 Wellspring

A Great Loss--Reverend Bill Foster

 Many patrons and supporters of Heartland Center know of the self-proclaimed "Old Fossils." These are amazing retired pastors who have dedicated time and energy in maintaining the camp grounds. We are so sorry to have lost one of these special men--the Reverend Bill Foster. He passed away on September 14, 2015 at the age of 88. 

Bill was a very gifted person who came to Kansas in 1969 as the Children's Minister at the Village United Presbyterian Church. He is remembered for many things including his coat of many colors, story-based children's sermons, a puppet ministry and starting the Village Church Preschool.

His love of Heartland Center was borne out here by his work every Friday cutting up "dead fall" into firewood and his dedication to the ministries of the camp.  We will miss seeing Bill around the property. But we are so grateful to God for having shared Bill, his love of God and his many gifts and talents with us.

Autumn Has Arrived--Come and See

The fall season is a wonderful time to be at Heartland Center! It is a favorite time for retreats for both groups and individuals who enjoy being in God's world and close to nature. There is nothing like the reds of the oak leaves, the climbing vines and the yellows and oranges of the maples against a clear blue sky. Intermixed are the pines and evergreens. It is a gorgeous palate of colorful hues. And the great harvest moon gives off a soft light in the nightscape.

The sounds are also different in fall. There is the crunch of shoes and boots walking through dry foliage and the wind blowing through rustling leaves before they fall to the ground. Did you know? The birds sing differently in the autumn, especially those on their migratory routes to warmer climates. Hear the distant honk of the geese flying in great V's high above the camp. Crackling camp fires are especially welcome in the chilly air of fall evenings. 

We hope you have the opportunity to enjoy these sights and sounds, just minutes away from the noise and bustle of nearby towns and the city. The camp belongs to all of us, thanks to the men and women who purchased the land and built up the grounds many years ago. In this historic but also up-to-date place, God gives us a chance for renewal and an appreciation for the wonders of creation. See you soon! 

December Openings!

There are still open dates in December here at Heartland Center--not only for weekdays but also weekends. This could be a great opportunity for you or your group to take advantage of our comfortable facilities. The hotel-style lodging lends itself to fall and winter retreats where the beautiful grounds can still be enjoyed.

People are saying...  

Being at Heartland has given me an opportunity to grow in community.
You're going to learn about God, have a great time and get in touch with your spiritual life.
I've learned God will love you no matter what.
You can't come here and miss God--walking with us, challenging us, growing us.

Heartland Center-- November Groups

Please take time to pray for the groups that will be here at Heartland Center in the month of November!

  • Boy Scouts of America              
  • House Church          
  • Weight Watchers
  • Northland Deaf Church                  
  • Rolling Hills Presbyterian Church
  • Thimble Bees          
  • Cathy Johnson Quilters              
  • Rockhurst University
  • Presbyterian World Mission    
  • Cristo Rey    
  • Cedar Ridge Christian Church
  • Jesuits Alumni Service Core                  
  • University of Kansas--Athletics