June/July 2015 Wellspring

Dan's the Man

If you ever want to see and feel the Spirit of God at work, just come out to HPC when the kids are here for camp. That time is now!  And be sure to meet and thank the camp Executive Director, Dan Scheneman, because his faith and perseverance have helped the camp to grow both in numbers and in its faith-giving experience.

You see, Dan came to Heartland camp as a young boy and had his first meaningful experiences with God through the beautiful grounds and the caring counselors he encountered here. They helped him become a strong member of the Christian community. Dan came to camp for years and kept coming back, later as a volunteer, then camp counselor, and then as the camp program manager in 1993. As the current director, Dan knows through his own experience the importance of  careful selection of staff and counselors to work with  precious young campers.

Dan, after years of service, became camp Co-Director in 2001, and then became Executive Director that same year.  During his tenure, the number of campers has increased 3-fold and there have been two major, successful capital campaigns to upgrade facilities.  But his work is not yet done.

As the camp's ministry has grown, there have been staff increases as well as increased fund-raising for scholarships so that more youth can attend. About 3/4 of camp expenses are covered by camp fees; the remainder must come from other sources, primarily donations.  This is challenging work, but people are motivated to give when they see the great ministries that occur at HPC. Dan serves as executive director, chief fund-raiser, head cheerleader and spiritual lead-missionary in our Presbytery's most effective mission outreach to young people.  

Please consider supporting the camp through contributions. These can be general fund donations or can be designated (for scholarships, new programs or capital improvements).

Thanks, Dan, for your great witness, service and leadership!                                                                          


This year the motto for campers is "Love Never Fails."

"Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away." 1Cor 13:9

It is not too late to enroll your child in day or overnight camps this summer. Contact HPC for information on available openings.

People are saying...  

Thank you for being so accommodating to our group. We love your beautiful campsite. 
Heartland is one of the more exceptional places I have ever been to in terms of retreat hospitality. It is so easy to plan retreats at Heartland, and the facilities were in wonderful shape upon our arrival. The staff takes all of the guess work out of planning, and makes it easy to host a great retreat.  We are so thankful for you all!

Heartland Center Groups-- July/August

The following groups will be using the camp facilities in July and August. Please keep them as well as all of our campers in your prayers. May God touch their lives in special ways.

  • Handbell Camp            
  • Calvary Lutheran Church          
  • KU Athletics
  • Boy Scout Troop 314        
  • Church of Christ, Overland Park      
  • Alphapointe
  • Family Camp                    
  • Hall Family                
  • Christian Youth Theatre  
  • Girl Scout Troop 3525    
  • Sharing of Ministries Abroad    
  • Mission Church
  • Uhlig Family        
  • Evangelistic Center      
  • Nativity Parish School 
  • Life Connection Church        
  • 1st Presbyterian, Topeka    
  • Fort Leavenworth
  • Cathy Johnson Quilters        
  • Heartland Presbytery Youth Council
  • Christian Veterinarian Mission      
  • Castillo Family        
  • Save A Warrior
  • Children of the American Revolution            
  • Crazy Quilters
  • Horton United Methodist Church