our people

From rock climbing to hair styling, we have a variety of interests but we are united by our faith and eagerness to help you have the best experience possible. Click and hover on our pictures to get to know us more!

Dan Scheneman
Executive Director

Emma Acker
Hospitality Coordinator

Michael Megraw
Associate Executive Director

Jared Briscoe
Overnight Camp Program Director

Debbie Raines
Camp Registrar

Emma Norwood
Day Camp Program Director

Catherine Norwood
Marketing & Recruitment Director

Erin Pitts

Diana Thomas

Luke Boydston
Hospitality Maintenance Associate

Nicole Baker
Kitchen Manager

Cheryl Keimig
Hospitality Assistant

Gary McQuerry
Program Maintenance Associate

Joe McQuerry
Maintenance Assistant

Luci Gutierrez

Dana Hutchens

Tammie Corriston

Kevin Klaasen
Cornerstone Intern

Sarah Windeknecht
Cornerstone Intern

Drew Renollet
Cornerstone Intern

Halle Ri’Chard
Cornerstone Intern

Wyatt Tate
Cornerstone Intern

Julie Barthel
Cornerstone Intern

To contact any of our staff please send an email by clicking here: Contact Us or calling our office at: 816-891-1078.


Meet the Board President: Rev. Teresa Ingle


Currently finishing her sixth year as a member of the Board of Directors here at Heartland Center The Reverend Teresa Ingle is a minister member of The Presbytery of Northern Kansas whose members, along with the members of Heartland Presbytery, have had the privilege of enjoying this place we call Heartland Center, a marvelous gift from God, for many decades.

Class of 2018

  • Mike Kruse

  • Rev. Mark Moon

  • Laura Ozenberger

  • Rev. William Parrott

  • Rev. John Swisher

  • Jeremy Thoman

Class of 2019

  • Rev. Teresa Ingle

  • Rev. Liz Lindsey

  • Rev. Clare Lozano

  • Gary Oberlander

  • Larry Williams

Class of 2020

  • David Christianson

  • Bill Eckhardt

  • Sue Ann Seel

  • Tim Suarez

  • Rev. Jim Wann


  • Rev. Sally Wright

Our Mission

In response to the Good News of Jesus Christ, Heartland Presbyterian Center provides hospitality and programming in a natural setting for individuals, families, churches, and the community.

Founded in 1958, Heartland Presbyterian Center is a mission of the Presbyteries of Heartland and Northern Kansas, Synod of Mid-America, Presbyterian Church (USA), providing shelter, nurture and spiritual fellowship for the children of God.

Heartland Retreats is a community asset allowing guests to bring life and renewal to their events in a peaceful and natural setting.  We are equipped for all types of groups with a variety of comfortable sleeping accommodations, meeting spaces and activities. 

Located a short drive away from downtown Kansas City and situated on three hundred and twenty acres of rustic wooded landscape, we have been the choice gathering place for hundreds of groups.